Intercoms & Access Control

Various different wireless, GSM and video intercom systems are available to suit all applications

Videx 4000 Series GSM (4G) PRO Intercom – Built in Keypad

The Videx GSM system gives you the freedom to answer calls from your gate to any telephone number including your mobile phone so you never have to miss that important caller or visitor again!

The system has the capability of operating 1 to 50 call buttons and the ability to divert to 2 additional numbers if the first is busy or unanswered.

Every VIDEX GSM system now comes with an easy to use mobile app. This new app simplifies programming and usability for both end users and installers. Available for iOS and Android devices, the app allows you to program the GSM intercom system by automatically creating the SMS messages.

Features include the ability to activate the door or gate either for the programmed time or to latch and unlatch it. This can be done via text message or dialling using the dial to open feature. You can also add and modify numbers called, the dial to open numbers, access codes including temporary access codes for one-time visitors, as well as proximity tags that are used to open the gate or door.


Videx 4000 Series Video Intercom System – Built in Keypad

Videx is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of door entry intercom and access control systems in the UK as well as having gained the coveted Secured by Design accreditation.

We offer a vast range of Videx intercom options. Choose from modular Videx door entry systems, or the Videx vandal resistant systems.

Videx Security has intercom kits to suit any type of installations from small to medium, which can be expanded further from single to multiple occupants with additional features such as coded access and proximity.

Videx video door entry systems are available with various different monitors including their latest 7″ flat screen unit.

Videx 4000 Series – Hard Wired Audio Intercom Systems

Audio entry kits based on the 4000 Series modular design incorporating two way speech, electronic call tone and lock release facility. The door station is available surface or flush mounting with up to 12 call buttons each with a back lit name plate.

The standard finish is a stainless steel fascia with a gun metal grey surround. An aluminium fascia (/A) and a chrome (/C) or gold (/G) surround are also available. The telephone is wall mount with a lock release button and a three position call tone volume control. Up to 2 additional handsets can be connected in each apartment.


Daitem SC902AU Wireless Intercom with Built in Keypad

This wireless audio kit is perfectly suitable for a single residential home with a gate entrance. It is also simple to install as no cabling is required between the entry panel and the handset.

The controller included in this kit houses the radio transmission control board which also has a built-in antenna. It supplies power to the entry panel as well as allows the connection of additional devices which can be controlled via the wireless handset.

The surface mount panel has a built-in proximity reader and a keypad which allows to enter the building by using the fob or a user code, which then activates the door lock release. The panel is also supplied with a vandal resistant face plate which protects it from bad weather conditions.

Also included in this kit it the portable wireless handset which allows the users to communicate and control the access of their visitors, with the option to activate the door or gate release and even turn on lighting, via the designated buttons on the handset.

This kit has a working range of up to 400 metres, but this is dependent on obstacles between the handset and controller that can cause interference.


DG500 External Standalone Keypad Modules

This standalone keypad has a built-in proximity reader enabling entry via PIN-codes or cards/fobs for up to 500 users over two programmable output relays. With strong vandal resistance and tamper sensor it offers variable open-time and latching option.


  • Up to 500 user PINs, cards/fobs
  • Built-in proximity reader
  • 2 programmable relays.
  • Selectable open-time (1 to 99 seconds)
  • Latching mode (on aux relay only)
  • Vandal resistant
  • Tamper sensor
  • Illuminated keypad (blue)
  • LED status indication
  • Button press ‘beep’ confirmation
  • Cast alloy case (stainless steel colour)


Dial-To-Open GSM Switch SIM Control Module

Total control from virtually anywhere with the GSM Remote Switch Control GMT-RC11. A simple telephone call (or text message) can remote switch any electrical device on or off and also open or close a gate or door (entry system) – and that call is free.

They can be operated from almost anywhere in the world by making a no charge call from an authorised number stored in its memory. It is a basic but clever entry level GSM remote switching device that was designed for easy programming, quick installation and simple operation for the end user. Providing a basic – normally open or normally closed – relay remote switching device.

Installing and programming the device could not be easier. Remote programming can be carried out if required using SMS messaging.


EMX Vehicle Free Exit Loop Probe Kit

The CarSense 101 vehicle motion detector consists of a control module with a standard 11-pin connector and a sensing probe that is easily installed along a roadway. The CS101 can be seamlessly integrated with security control boards, gate and door operators.

  • Safety – detects moving vehicles in blind areas along a driving path
  • Security – detects approaching vehicles or unauthorized movement of parked vehicles
  • Access control – acts as a free exit vehicle detector for gates and parking barriers

Our free-exit probes use magnetic technology to sense when a vehicle is in motion within a detection area. Free-exit probes can be easily installed along a roadway or in concrete/asphalt. Our probes are packaged with external remotes for easy use and adjustments after installation.


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