Automation Supply Ltd

Electric Swing Gates – Wood (EXISTING GATES) – Wilmslow, Cheshire

Rear of the gates in the closed position
Front of the gates in the closed position
2nd leaf in the fully open position, providing a larger opening

Job Specification – To supply and fit an automation system to operate the new wooden swing gates, installed by the client. One gate leaf had to travel over 180 degrees to allow a wide enough opening for two vehicles on the driveway.

Job Location – Wilmslow, Cheshire.

Operating System– The gate system is operated by remote controls only.

The new automation system has a duty cycle of 99%, meaning the automation is capable of operating almost continually without overheating.

Regulations and Health & Safety– The gate has built in obstacle detection and one set of safety photocells fitted across the opening. All trap, drag and crushing hazards have been tested to make sure the force pressure meets current regulations.