FAQ’s of Gate Automation Systems

What is gate automation?

Automatic gatesĀ are used to control access into a secured area, such as a driveway, car park entrance or site entrance.

How does gate automation work?

Electric gateĀ operators are electrically-powered and may be chain-driven, gear-driven, or hydraulic depending on the type of operator.

How much do electric gates cost to install?

Prices can vary depending on the type of installation and the size of gate.

Can a gate automation system be installed to my existing gates?

Yes – we can happily supply and install an automation system to suit your existing gates.

How many times can the gate be opened/closed each day?

24 volt gate automation systems have a duty cycle of 99%,meaning, that effectively they can continually open and close all day without any issues.

What is the maximum weight and length of gate that can be used?

There is no maximum weight or size for gate automation as each system is specified dependent on the size and weight of the gate.

Do you need planning permission for electric gates?

Planning permission is not usually required for the installation of electric gates but it is best to check with your local council first as this can differ depending on the area.

Can electric gates be opened manually?

Yes. All electric gate systems have a manual release function fitted to allow the gates or gate to be opened manually in the event of a fault or power cut in the local area.

Do electric gates require servicing?

Yes. We recommend that gate systems are serviced and maintained annually. For larger commercial sites with more use, we recommend that the system is serviced bi-annually (every 6 months).

How much electricity do automatic gates use?

Electric gate systems generally use very little electricity, the running costs are dependent on the amount of usage. In standby, the systems typically use around 100 watts of power per day.

What is a gate loop detector?

A loop detector is installed to allow users of the electric gate system to drive up to the gates and allow them to automatically open for vehicles. This method is normally installed on the exit side of the gates only.

What cables are required at the gates for a electric gate automation system?

A mains cable – usually SWA from the property to power the system. Another SWA cable across the opening to operate the second motor (if required). Along with any low voltage cables – usually PFJ to power/operate any safety, access or auxiliary items such as photocells, intercom systems, keypads, flashing lights and sounders.

Is it best to have the gate automation installed before having my driveway laid?

Generally, yes. We can then install any running equipment and cables required for the gate system without having to cause any disruption to the new driveway surface.